Crossing the harbour for lunch

A dream I had last night: Someone gave me as a gift a guided climb to the top of Mt Everest. So I went, and eventually found myself at the summit with a bunch of mountain climbers and Sherpas. They’re all sitting there at the top enjoying the view, while I’m saying, “Whoa, no, this is way too high… I can feel the mountain swaying… I want to get down…”

Today my wife and I dropped Scully off at the dog groomer, and then we indulged ourselves by heading down to the ferry wharf:

Little pied cormorant at Greenwich Point

A little pied cormorant was sitting there, but this was as close as I could get before it flew off. We caught a ferry:

Ferry to Balmain

Across the harbour to Balmain, just two stops away:

Balmain wharf

We walked up the hill to the shopping strip and The Cottage restaurant:

The Cottage

Where we sat inside and had a lovely lunch. I had chicken schnitzel, with mash, fennel, and radicchio:

Cottage Schnitzel

And a sticky date pudding with pistachios and rose water for afters:

Sticky Date

After lunch we walked down streets full of historic houses:

Birchgrove houses

To Birchgrove Wharf, where we caught a ferry back home:

Birchgrove Wharf

Just in time to pick up Scully from the groomer!

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