Planning about city planning

Today was pretty busy. I started with a 5k run after breakfast. 5k really feels significantly tougher than my more usual 2.5k distance, and especially on the street route that I prefer for the variety and the views, compared to the oval laps I did last time. The weather is getting cooler and less humid, which makes it a bit more pleasant though.

I made a few Lego comics using the photos I shot yesterday, since I needed them to see out publications for this week. Then I got stuck into writing a lesson plan for this week’s older kids’ ethics topic: Cities. I’ve got some questions on the growth of cities and urbanisation across the world through history, and what advantages and disadvantages city living brings to people. And questions about impacts of cities on the environment – is it more or less than the same number of people spread out across rural land? And how do we deal with wildlife in cities? And development issues such as redevelopment of historic districts, gentrification, and so on.

Add a walk with my wife and Scully around the harbour shore and three classes with the younger kids (on getting even), and that filled up my entire day.

New content today:

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