Almost over COVID?

Last night during my ethics classes I was still coughing a little bit. I had three more classes tonight, and I don’t think I coughed once during them. It’s slowly been improving day by day, but has always been worse later in the day, and also when I’m talking a lot. So to get through classes in the evening without having a coughing fit was really good, and I’m taking it as a good sign. I do still feel a little clogged in the sinuses though and slightly muzzy-headed, which makes it a little difficult to concentrate on things, but I think that’s also improving.

Today I went out with my wife and Scully for lunch. We did a bit of a drive across a few suburbs to a nice park where Scully can run around. It’s usually empty on a weekday at lunchtime, when I’ve taken her there before, but I forgot it’s school holidays and there were several kids playing various types of football and basketball and also exercising dogs. Scully’s always a bit nervous around strange dogs, but they were far away enough that she could chase a ball and not get too close, so she got some good exercise.

Apart from that I’ve really just done a bit of comics work and taken it easy kind of goofing off and browsing stuff on the net in a time-wastey sort of way.

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