Another busy day…

Today I had to concentrate on writing a new lesson for the older kids ethics class – this week on the topic of artificial intelligence. There’s a lot of potential material for this topic and lots of discussion questions. I had plenty written out and had about a third of the questions left over after I’df fleshed the first 2/3 out with scenarios and information. So I have heaps of backup material if the classes run short, which I don’t think they will.

Did a 2.5k run this morning, and took Scully for a few walks. And…. oh! I had the 4th class of 6 in my current iteration of the board game design class. The student and I are converging on a design for a game involving players having various fantasy roles, and potentially involving families of vampires competing, or maybe witches and wizards… it’s a bit in flux still. I need to distil it into a workable game design by the weekend and send her the file and rules so she can playtest it with family ad friends before next week’s class.

New content today:

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