Ethics of offence

Tuesday means a new ethics topic for my online classes. I had to write my lesson this morning, since the past few days have been too busy to do it early. This week’s topic is “being offended”. I had plenty of questions to ask, and tied them together with some short scenarios, so managed to get the lesson written fairly quickly.

I took Scully for a few walks during the day. The weather is getting a little cooler, which is nice. This afternoon I assembled and uploaded the rest of this weeks Irregular Webcomic! strips. I’ve been working close to deadline on a number of things, after last week’s ISO meeting ate up so much time last week.

I’ve also started learning Japanese using Duolingo. I started German not long ago, but decided I should probably concentrate a bit more on Japanese, since I’ve also booked tickets to Japan in June, for the next ISO meeting, which will be held in Okayama. My wife and I will be flying into Haneda Airport in Tokyo and catching a Shinkansen down to Okayama for the meeting. Then we’re planning to spend a few days in Kyoto, and a couple in Tokyo before flying home. We also have time to stop off somewhere else along the way for a day or so, and I’m trying to find somewhere conveniently close to the Okayama-Kyoto-Tokyo Shinkansen line, that is not a big city, so we can see something a bit more rural and countryside-ish.

I wondered if Duolingo would just teach Japanese conversation and not bother with the written language, but no, the very first lesson throws hiragana at you! Which is good, because I could certainly do with learning those.

Tonight I had the first three classes on “being offended”. It’s very interesting seeing what examples of potentially offensive behaviour are in fact considered offensive or not by different students.

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