Summer heat and storms

Yesterday was online board games night with my friends. We played a bunch of the usual games, and I did very badly at 7 Wonders and 6 Nimmt, but was on the winning team for Codenames. Before games, I went out for dinner at the local pizza place with my wife and Scully. I ordered one particular pizza, but got served a different one – but it was actually the second option that I was tossing up between, so it was no big deal and I just ate it.

In the morning I picked up grocery shopping. I order online for in-store pickup, so I can choose my own fresh fruit and vegetables. When I got home, I discovered that they’d packed two dozen eggs for me, when I was sure I’d ordered only one. But I checked the order history, and yeah, there were two dozen eggs listed. So I must have mis-clicked when assembling the order. Oh well, at least eggs last a long time, so we’ll use them all before they go off.

And then I had four ethics classes, which ate up most of the day. After the first one I picked up Scully from my wife’s work and we went to the Italian bakery for lunch. I had a slice of mushroom pizza (so pizza for lunch and dinner!), and they had a special flaky pastry which was filled with pistachio custard, strawberry jam, and chocolate. It was delicious.

Yesterday was hot and humid, and so was today. But we had relief this evening when a big thunderstorm front came through. We’re still in the tail end of, it with a lot of lightning and thunder, but the rain wasn’t particularly heavy. We did have very strong winds for a while – the evening news said winds up to 90 km/h had been recorded in some suburbs. A lot of places have had power outages, over 50,000 residences. Probably from downed trees.

I did 2.5k runs yesterday and today, as early in the morning as I could manage, but it was still warm and humid and my times were slow. And I’ve been working on comics, trying to build up some buffer because of the ISO Photography Standards meeting which I will be attending Monday-Wednesday this coming week. I’m attending virtually; it’s in Japan so it’s not too far from my time zone, and it’ll be running 7am to 3pm, although Monday I need to miss the final session to travel to university for the start of the Data Engineering course I’m tutoring. It’s going to be a very busy week!

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