This morning I had my dental appointment to have a filling fixed. It was at 8am, so I grabbed some breakfast quickly before heading out. I had an anaesthetic, so my mouth was numb for a few hours and didn’t return to normal until almost 1pm. I avoided eating until then.

But at midday I took a drill and screwdrivers to my wife’s work to install a WiFi video doorbell on her office door. She’d requested one from her boss and it had been ordered and arrived, but for all this week my wife is working there alone as everyone else is working from home for the whole week. I said I could install it, but she asked her boss if he wanted to hire a handyman to do it, but he just said, “Doesn’t someone have a handy hubby who can do it?” So I got the job. it was pretty easy – only took a few minutes.

Then I too Scully and we drove over to the Italian bakery where I grabbed a slice of pizza and a cherry danish for lunch, now that my mouth had recovered from being numb.

This afternoon I worked on some Darths & Droids comics. And took Scully for a walk. Oh, and I made okonomiyaki for dinner.

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