An attempted ferry trip

Having completed my last online classes for the year yesterday, I had time to do some other activities today. I decided to take Scully out for a trip on a ferry and have a nice lunch in another suburb.

Last time we took Scully on a ferry we used her doggie backpack, and staff said we had to have her in a fully enclosed carry container, so I got out a small pet crate form our storage and we drove down to the wharf at Greenwich Point. We got there ten minutes early and set up with the crate ready for me to put Scully inside as we boarded.

Scully waiting for the ferry

Twenty minutes later we were still waiting, with no sign of the ferry. I checked the Transport NSW web site on my phone and it said the next ferry wasn’t departing for another three hours! This was weird, because I checked the timetable before we left and the ferries are supposed to run at hourly intervals all through the day, with some extra services around peak hour. But evidently no ferry was coming, so we abandoned the wharf and took to the car again.

We drove over to Hunters Hill and got out there to walk around the shops and find somewhere to sit outside and eat lunch. I had pies at a bakery, followed by a small chocolate/caramel tart. Then I took Scully around a few blocks for a walk before we went back home. It wasn’t bad for an outing, but I’d been looking forward to riding on the ferries. When we got back home I checked the Transport NSW web site for any service disruption notices, and indeed there was one there. It turned out that ferry workers were holding a stop-work industrial action meeting today! The one day when I wanted to use the ferries!

This evening… I didn’t have my usual ethics classes. So my wife suggested we go out for dinner, since we didn’t go out last week. We walked up to the local shops and had dinner at the Greek restaurant. This is kind of a comfort food place – nice traditional, old fashioned cooking.

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