A quick late night post

This morning I finished writing a new batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, and then got stuck into photographing them. I had to do this today as my current batch ran out tonight. SO I also had to assemble some new comics to queue up for the remainder of the week.

I finished photographing by lunchtime, when I went out to drive over to my wife’s work and pick up Scully, who she’d taken in to work this morning (it’s nice to have a dog-friendly office!). I took Scully a couple of suburbs away to a French patisserie to get some lunch, before coming home.

This afternoon I assembled some comics and started working on some new Darths & Droids stuff as well. I took Scully for a walk and popped into the supermarket to grab some salad leave and falafels for a quick and easy dinner, before my three ethics classes tonight. These were on the new topic of generalisation, which is actually a retread of the second topic I did, a couple of years ago when I began running these classes. None of the same students are still doing the class, so it’s a good chance to reuse some material.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “A quick late night post”

  1. I continue to admire your energy.

    Didn’t you used to teach science classes as well as ethics, online? Did you just have greater demand for the ethics material?

    (“Didn’t you used to” is an American idiom, connoting casual speech and with a tinge of self-mockery.)

    1. I’m still doing occasional science classes, but the student doing those regularly has cut back to about once a month, rather than weekly. I also have a one-off class in human vision which I run sporadically. I have plans for further science topics, but haven’t developed them yet.

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