Free(?) car care(?)

Today I went to the tyre place where I had new tyres fitted for our car a few months ago. They gave me a complimentary 3-month check-up to check the pressure, wheel balance and alignment, and rotate the tyres. So I booked it in. When I dropped the car off, I told the woman that I’d noticed the key fob battery needs changing – it’s been intermittent the past couple of days, and for the mechanic to just be aware of that and they may need to open the door manually with the key.

The woman said, “Oh, we might have a spare battery lying around. We can change it for you.”

I was like, “Oh okay.” And went off to grab some lunch (with Scully) while they did the stuff. I walked over to a Japanese place I knew nearby and had a teriyaki salmon lunch set, with rice, salad, and miso soup.

When I came back to pick up the car, there was a different guy there. He said, “The service is complimentary, so that’ll just be $10 for the battery.” I was genuinely under the impression that the battery change, if they did it, would be complimentary. I told the guy so, and he said, “Well, we can take it back out and put the old one back in for you.”

I gave him a speechless look, and explained I never asked for the battery to be changed, because I actually have a spare at home and am capable of doing it myself, and I’d assumed the offer was complimentary.

To which he said, “Well, next time you’re in the area you can drop us off the other new battery.” I must have been dumbfounded for a few seconds, because at that point he sighed and said I could have the battery for free.

I don’t begrudge them charging, but the woman never told me it would cost $10, and if she had I would have definitely told them not to change it. Anyway, I ended up with a free battery change. But now I got home and looked at my key fob, and they’ve cracked it prying it open…

Tonight I’m playing online board games with friends. I came second in my first ever game of Point Salad.

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