Full and busy Monday and Tuesday

I skipped an update yesterday because I was too busy. I had three online ethics classes first up, finishing at 1pm. Then I took Scully for a walk, and came home and started working on my lesson for the new week of ethics beginning on Tuesday. The topic this week is Risk, so I did a bit of research into related topics, such as micromorts, risk itself, and risk compensation.

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this because around 3pm I had a shower before getting ready to leave for my tutoring job at the university. I had to leave earlier, before 4pm, because my wife has started a new job and I needed to take Scully there to her office and drop her off (the new job is again in a dog-friendly office), before hopping on a train to the city. Taking Scully involved a half hour walk, past two train stations away form the city, so I ended up further away that and had to ride two extra stations compared to just leaving from home.

Once I got in, I grabbed a quick dinner: nasi lemak with beef rendang from a Malaysian street food place near the university. And then went to the lecture room for the tutoring. This week students were working on their first assignment, which is writing up plans and specifications for their image processing project. It’s due on Friday, so a lot of groups had questions and needed assistance, which is what I was there for. The sessions are scheduled from 6-9pm, but when regular lectures were on we usually finished early, so I got home not too late. But this time students hung out right up to 9pm, and I didn’t get home until almost 9:45.

By the time I dealt with evening chores and unwound a bit from the day it was after 11, so I went to bed and left this update to today.

This morning I got up and had to finish the lesson plan for the Risk topic. In between I took Scully out for a couple of walks, and also worked on an online puzzle competition with my friends, the EC Puzzle Hunt. And then tonight I just did the first three classes of the Risk topic with kids. I feel like this is a good one for discussion, and interesting as they learn some sense of gauging comparative risk of different activities.

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