Start of daylight saving

I’ll be quick today, because it’s already an hour later than it was at this time last week. Daylight saving started here this weekend, and my 7pm class moved to 8pm because I run it at the same time for students in Asia. So over the summer I finish quite late on Sundays now.

I worked mostly on more slides for my photography engineering presentation. I’m getting there… nearly done. Hopefully I can finish tomorrow. Then I’ll need to send it to the lecturer to make sure it works on a Windows machine. Especially the equations, which I know from experience in the past tend to get munged doing that moving from MacOS.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Start of daylight saving”

  1. My funniest (in retrospective) experience with equations in software is when I was studying in the Uni. I was on a lab course, and had to provide written reports of the assignments. I wrote them in Word in one of the computer rooms.

    Then when I went to print the final report, I went to the room with a printer (this was a long time ago, so printers were not common and cheap enough to be in every class). I logged on the computer, and started up Word.

    Only to realize than it was a different version of Word, and the computer might have had different fonts installed, so the equations didn’t show up properly. I panicked a bit, but then I tried to open the files in Word Perfect, and there the equations showed up correctly and I could print the report.

    After that I learned LaTeX and wrote all my suff in it, including my thesis (for which I made a new class file, which I know at least some other people used, too). Sadly I haven’t used it since, though I was happy to realize my kid’s school software for writing equations uses it behind the scenes.

    1. Keynote on MacOS uses LaTeX under the hood too. I typed the equation in using LaTeX code. I think the problem may be that MS products don’t support it.

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