Another exhausting Wednesday

Wednesday starts early with getting up in time to have breakfast and be ready to head to the school for my Primary Ethics lesson. There was heavier than normal traffic today getting there, because of combined train and bus strikes – but fortunately I was going against most of the traffic. The road going the other direction was chockablock with cars.

Today we discussed various rules in sports and whether changing some of them would be fair or unfair, or make the sport unsafe. This leads into next week when we start talking about cheating in sports. Then this evening I had three more online classes about bionics.

On the way home from the school I popped into a bulk foods shop to get some more rye flour, for use in baking sourdough. The woman at the checkout actually asked me if I was making sourdough with it, and I said, “Yes!”

Much of the rest of the day I struggled with writer’s block while trying to write a new Darths & Droids comic. And that… yeah… that consumed several hours. I got there in the end, thankfully.

New content today:

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