An expedition for pies

Today mostly I worked on assembling the remainder of that last batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips that I photographed a couple of weeks back. Other than that I had two ethics classes online; I went for another 2.5k run; and for lunch I went out for a drive with my wife and Scully to Newtown (a suburb over on the south side of the harbour.

We want to The Pie Tin, one of my favourite pie shops. I had a Nepali curry lamb pie, and a Mexican chicken pie. Both really good. We took the food and walked a few blocks to a nearby park to sit and eat in the late winter sunshine. It had rained overnight, but was a lovely warm day today. It really feels like winter has ended and we’re moving into spring.

After eating, I ran around with Scully a bit to get her some exercise. And then headed home to pick up the rest of the stuff I had to do. Gosh the days fly past quickly sometimes…

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