Ethics of weather

Tuesday – new topic for online ethics classes. This week we’re discussing the weather. I wrote the lesson this morning, and it turned out to be a lot of material about potentially controlling the weather. There are a lot of cases to go through, and situations to discuss where the boundaries are between what would be an acceptable use of weather manipulation versus unacceptable. We also go into a bit of climate change and the consequences, and responsibilities for it. The first three classes tonight went well enough, but I may need to add a few more questions to fill time if I get a class with just 1 or 2 students in it.

For lunch today I went for a drive. I took Scully out to a new pie shop that I wanted to try, at Allambie Heights, about 25 minutes drive away. I tried a Thai chicken pie and a sausage roll, and also got a custard tart for afters. They were all pretty good! Then I let Scully run around on the nearby soccer field for a while to burn off some energy before we headed home.

This afternoon I put together a few more comics from the next batch of Irregular Webcomic! that I photographed last week. Hmm… and that’s about it.

New content today:

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