Ethics of teasing

In this morning’s face-to-face volunteer ethics class at the local school we started a new topic: Teasing. A few of the students were away at a rugby event, so there were only 10 kids in the class. The material goes through some scenarios to look at the questions of what exactly is teasing, and whether teasing is ever okay or not.

With that number of kids, it was easy enough to let the conversation progress organically, with kids speaking one after another, without me having to enforce hands up before speaking. It was a good discussion, and the kids generally converged on the idea that teasing between friends who are peers is okay if it’s done in a friendly, joking manner, but in other cases it’s bad – such as when done to deliberately hurt someone, or when done by a person in authority, or by someone who’s not a good friend.

I managed to fit in another 2.5k run today – my first since last Friday. I was a bit hesitant early because the weather was cold and showery, but it cleared up mid-afternoon so I could go out in the sun, though it was still a bit chilly.

Spring is on the way in the foliage though. Magnolias have been blooming for a few weeks already, but now cherry blossoms are popping up everywhere, and azaleas too.

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