Jet lag day

I tried to get a good night’s sleep last night, staying up until about 11pm so I was tired and could hopefully sleep the night through, But your body clock is a funny thing. I woke up around 4am and felt wide awake, despite still being very tired. I stayed there but got up about 05:30 to start the day. I’ve now been awake all day and am very tired, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep through to around 07:00 or so tomorrow.

I went to the supermarket as soon as it opened at 7am to buy groceries: milk, eggs, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables to restock on perishables, plus a few other things that were on the shopping list. I processed a few photos and put together a small album from the trip. These are all photos from my phone. I copied about 300 other photos off my SLR, but haven’t started going through those yet.

My wife and I took Scully for as long walk at lunch time. She’s settling back into the normal routine quickly.

And tonight I just made a quick and easy pesto pasta for dinner. I’ll cook more ambitious things in a day or two. Oh, I refreshed the sourdough starter, and it looks like it survived well.

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