Pre-trip preparation

One day until my wife and I fly out to Europe. The past few times we’ve flown, it had become sort of routine and we were a bit blasé about packing, with the result that we ended up rushed at the last minute. So this time we did everything a day early. We’re pretty much ready to go now, apart from things like taking out the rubbish and watering the plants last thing before we leave.

First thing tomorrow morning we take Scully to our friends’ place for petsitting while we’re away. Then we drive back home, grab our bags, and go to the airport.

I’ve decided to take two lenses with my DSLR, rather than just one. Because I’m taking my camera backpack as one piece of carry-on luggage, and it had room after I took most of the lenses out, so I threw one back in – a wide angle. I figure that should come in handy in Amsterdam, with all the urban architecture and scenery.

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  1. Interesting timing, I am going to be in Köln on Sunday and Amsterdam all of next week!

    1. We won’t quite overlap, I think. I don’t arrive in Köln until Monday, and Amsterdam until the Sunday after.

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