Pre-pre-trip planning

It’s two days before my wife and I fly out to Germany. I’ve been doing a few things to prepare: getting the luggage out of storage, making sure we have enough toiletry supplies (a small travel toothpaste, floss, etc.), making little piles of things that need to be packed. This will turn into full-on packing tomorrow. I’ve also emailed the nursing home where my aunt lives to confirm our arrival plans for visiting her. And bought some gifts of Australian sweets for a friend we’ll be visiting.

Also tomorrow I’ll need to prepare a laptop to take with us. I need to make sure I can log in to a bunch of sites, to make sure I’m not stranded overseas and unable to log in to something I might need or want. This has happened before, when I told friends and family I’d update Facebook while travelling, only to land in a foreign country and realise I wasn’t logged in on my phone, and couldn’t log in because I didn’t remember my password.

Tomorrow we’re also getting Scully groomed and washed, prior to dropping her off at our friend’s place for petsitting on Friday morning. And there’ll be other things like discarding perishable food, watering plants, and so on, so that things aren’t dead or rotten when we get back. I also need to prepare my sourdough starter to survive 2 weeks without being fed. Apparently you can do this by mixing in flour with a lot less water to make a really stiff paste, which will sustain the culture slowly.

In between all this I spent time making more comics for buffering over the trip. I now have enough done to last through the full two weeks, so that’s another prep item ticked off.

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