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Today I did a whole bunch of preparation for my trip to Germany next week. I had to generate and print out COVID vaccination certificates for me and my wife – so that Germany will let us into the country. Travel insurance. Train tickets between the various cities we will be visiting. I drew up an itinerary containing all our travel and accommodation info. My wife also had to contact two different airlines to organise in-flight meals and try to get access to her old frequent flyer account (which turned out to be expired, so she needs to create a new account).

We took a big walk at lunch time, making the most of the sunshine in the middle of what was another cold day.

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  1. Print covid certificate? Why? Don’t you have an australian application with a q barcode that shows the data? When I was in romania a few months ago, I used the picture on my cellphone – no problems except some places that didn’t even ask to see it, which I dislike on principle.
    On the other hand, I did hear about the guy that got almost 90 shots because he kept ripping the page and selling it to other people – so I guess not everybody has moved to the 21st century yet.

    1. Yes, there’s an Australian government app as well, but I printed them as a backup.

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