This is a cold winter

I had another busy day, working on buffering up enough comics for my upcoming trip, as well as teaching face-to-face ethics with kids at the school this morning, and three online classes this evening.

There was time to take a break at lunch and walk with my wife and Scully up to the shops to get some lunchtime treats. I got some gelato just because I felt like it. Even in cold weather gelato is good.

It has been very cold for several days now. I commented to my wife that I thought the past week or two have been colder than anything we had in winter for the past two years, and she agreed. The good part though is that it’s been blissfully dry. We’ve had only 1.2 mm of rain since the start of June. It’s been bright and sunny… and things are actually starting to dry out! The huge mud puddles in all the parks are slowly getting noticeably less soggy. It’s still got a way to go, but it’s a definite improvement. Honestly, if it doesn’t rain for another month, I’d be very happy.

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