Old school apple turnover

Today was kind of a food day. For lunch I took Scully for along walk to one of the nice bakeries and I had a spinach and ricotta pastry. Then for lunch-dessert (that’s totally a thing) I had one of their apple turnovers. It was pretty much exactly the sort of thing you’d get in the 1970s as a kid, with piped whipped cream, oozing out of the seam where the folded pastry comes together. It was nostalgic and delicious.

For dinner, I found a Malaysian place near the university (where I was tutoring again tonight). I got a beef rendang with rice. It was okay, but I’ve had better. It was very filling though, so I was a bit stuffed during the tutorial class.

Otherwise today it was mostly the usual sort of stuff, an ethics class, making comics, some work on the ongoing secret project. Nothing too exciting to report.

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