Ethics off the rails!

I did an online ethics class today that went completely off the rails. There was a new kid, from England, who was super talkative and kept bringing up extra points to every answer – often stuff that I’d planned to ask everyone later in the lesson. Rather than talk about farming, we ended up in a huge digression about whether we should force everyone to become vegetarians or not. Given the others were also keen to butt in on the topic and offer their own opinions, I just let it meander of its own accord for most of the lesson. It felt totally out of control and my lesson script went out the window, but it was fun, and we were still talking about interesting and ethical questions, so it was good in the end.

My sore back stiffened up again overnight, and it was painful turning over during the night. But again, it’s improved a lot during today. I got a better sleep, but hopefully tonight it won’t be as painful during the night.

I didn’t have my face-to-face ethics class at the school today, because New South Wales teachers held a strike today, seeking better pay and working conditions. They fully deserve it.

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3 thoughts on “Ethics off the rails!”

  1. Oh, interesting! Was the talkative kid respectful of the other kids’ time and opinions? Or did you need to moderate often?

  2. Forcing veganism on everybody – yicks…
    Putting aside the fact that if somebody wants meat, they will find a way to get it illegally (see the drugs legalisation dillema for comparison), animals can be quite harmful to humans even without the need to eat them. What would we do with mice eating our grain? What would we do with predators that can eat humans? Even herbivors can be dangerous when riled up (hippos kill more humans than lions).
    People assume humans just have to stop eating animals to make all animals safe, but that’s pure fantasy – we kill a lot of animals by taking away their habitats, even without consuming their flesh.
    I think the human race is on the way to veganism by necessity without the need to use force, but that just means some animals like cows and chickens will go extinct, and others will die without being eaten. There is no happy ending to this.

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