Easter family lunch

Easter Sunday is all about getting together with my wife’s family for a fancy lunch. We went to my mother-in-law’s place, which she’s just had repainted and cleaned up, and it looks really good.

We had a roast chicken breast roll with apricot stuffing, roast vegetables, and a salad that I made with rocket, pear, walnuts, and blue cheese. After that was a selection of individual cakes which my sister-in-law had brought from a bakery: salted caramel tart, lemon meringue, berry cheesecake, and strawberry sponge. And of course a selection of chocolates and Easter eggs of various types, including chocolate bilbies. These are a common alternative to chocolate rabbits here in Australia, where rabbits have a bad reputation as an invasive species.

A key thing with this gathering was seeing my wife’s nephew for the first time since 2019, since he’s been in Europe for the entirety of the COVID pandemic and this is his first trip back home. So there was a lot of catching up.

After lunch we walked down to the nearby small harbour beach, and were surprised to see that almost all the sand had been washed away – likely by the recent storms and heavy rains, combined with heavy ocean swells. So it was mostly just a bunch of sandstone rocks, left a metre or so below the normal level of the sand.

Tonight back home… I think we’re just going to have a grilled cheese sandwich or something for dinner. Too full to eat much else.

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