More rain, more teaching

We had another 30 mm of rain overnight, and some heavy showers during today. More expected tomorrow, of course.

This morning was face-to-face ethics teaching at the school. Against about 7 or 8 of the kids in my class were absent. Apparently COVID is raging through schools and infecting kids everywhere. Four of my friends have had it run through their families now, all apparently being brought home from school. We started a new topic today, about challenging authority.

Besides my online classes this evening, I worked mostly on Darths & Droids writing and comics today.

New content today:

3 thoughts on “More rain, more teaching”

  1. challanging authority with covid is really good ethics dillema. the authority tells people to stay at home when having covid, and do a lot of things that some people really don’t like to do like wear masks and get injections. A lot of people have had enough and are refusing to cooperate with the authority about those subjects. Do they have the right to disregard the orders like that? the reason behind the restrictions is that people are dying from the virus – does the authority have the right to restrict some people for the lives of others? 1 person dies while 100 people are just inconvinienced – does the life of the few have more right than the comfort of the many?
    so many questions about it regarding how much right the government has to detain and fine people for not following the rules… and then the question goes to how can a person express their resistance without ending up in jail or getting shot by police.

    it all boils down to how much you trust the government, but even if you do, democracy and having to follow the will of the majority can really suck.

    1. Yeah, there are plenty of ethical questions to ask about the COVID pandemic and how people and governments are responding to it. I could easily write a class about it, but I’m not sure if it’s a great idea to actually do so while the kids are living through it. It’s possible that some of them may have lost family members to COVID, for instance, so it could be quite sensitive for them.

  2. Hey, I have COVID-19 myself. And I found out that one of my coworkers, and an old friend, caught it the same time I did (within about one day) despite being thousands of km from me at the time. (I was in England, they stayed in New York.)

    So, can’t say I’m surprised.

    BTW, your advice about Cambridge was very good. Thanks.

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