A bit of a busy day, more rain

Let’s see. It’s virtually bed time and I’ve been too busy to get to this today. I got up, had breakfast, went for my run. I finally managed to clock another time below 12 minutes today, which was good.

I had two ethics classes, finishing up the topic of genetic engineering. Then I worked on the next topic, which is the ethics of humour. I wanted to get that knocked off today so I wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow to an even harder deadline. Then I worked on making a new lesson for the girl who I’m teaching science, who I haven’t seen for a month. She’s been busy, but had time for a new lesson today. I did one on DNA and genetics. And I also had an extension class going through written homework for one of the ethics students.

For dinner I made potato pancakes, and my wife suggested serving them with a fried egg on top, which sounded good so i did that. It was a really good combo. A quick and easy dinner, because I’d been so busy that I didn’t want to cook anything complicated. Oh, I also made a sourdough loaf today.

I planned to start up new Irregular Webcomic! strips today, but when the new strip didn’t update at the expected time I realised that I hadn’t assembled the strips from the photos yet! So I spent the evening after dinner making new comics and uploading them. I only have two done, and need to photograph new ones in time for Wednesday, but I think I can manage that… maybe…

New content today:

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