Bad sleep update, day 4

The mystery noise continues to buzz throughout the night, and kept me awake again last night. I’ve tried knocking on the immediate neighbour’s door a few times, yesterday and today, but they never answer, despite me hearing people inside. Maybe they just don’t want to answer random knocks. (I don’t know these neighbours very well – they only moved in a few months ago, and have kept very much to themselves, although I have chatted to the man a couple of times when we bump into each other in the hallway.)

So today I’ve contacted the building strata executive committee to inform them of the noise and ask them to investigate. I’m not really sure it is the neighbours. It may be a common property pump or ventilation fan or something like that. This morning at 8am in a relatively quiet moment I could hear the noise again – so it may in fact be going 24 hours a day, and just not noticeable during the day.

Today I worked more on the science paper that I’m proofreading/copyediting. It’s seriously heavy going, but I’m making solid progress. It may take me until the end of this week to finish it off, given all the other things I need to do.

I think I’m a bit too tired to write much else this evening.

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2 thoughts on “Bad sleep update, day 4”

  1. Have you considered a white noise generator? Here in the States, that’s a common solution for people who can’t sleep because of that sort of random environmental sound.

    1. I’ve tried white noise generators, when staying in hotels a few times. The trouble is I find the white noise itself incredibly annoying and it keeps me awake.

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