Bad sleep part 2

The noise kept me awake again last night. I went to sleep very tired, but woke up in the middle of the night again as I usually do. I almost managed to drift off again, but the buzzing noise was insistent and eventually won out. I went and got some earplugs, which successfully blocked the noise, but then I was aware of my breathing and my ears felt funny so again I didn’t manage to fall asleep. I gave up and got up a bit before 7am.

I will have to go ask neighbours if they’ve got any machines running all night. It might be something like a fan, being used for cooling in the warm humid nights. I had a problem with that some years ago when a neighbour had a fan running all night and it kept me awake. Trouble is it might be a bit late tonight now that I’ve reminded myself of it again.

Today I worked some more on the paper that I’m proofreading/editing. I got through about 2.5 pages.

For dinner I planned to make some red Thai curry, but instead of grabbing the red curry paste form the fridge, I grabbed laksa paste instead, and didn’t notice until I’d spooned it into the vegetables. So I guess we had laksa vegetables and rice?

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