A bad sleep and a busy day

I had a very poor sleep last night. I woke up in the middle of the night – which is not unusual, I usually go back to sleep. But last night I could hear an intermittent buzzing, like someone’s phone was ringing on vibrate. It wasn’t in our place – it must have been a neighbouring apartment. But it didn’t stop. All night. If it had just stayed on, the buzz would have become a background noise and I probably would have fallen asleep just fine. But it kept going off and on again every few seconds, at a maddening interval. The result was I didn’t fall asleep again at all. So I got maybe 2 or 3 hours sleep?

If it repeats again tonight, I’m going to have to ask the neighbours about it and politely request they do something about it.

So anyway, I was pretty tired for most of the day. I managed to do my run, though with a comparatively slow time. I annotated the slides I’d made for the science class with my private student on Monday, and sent them off to her. I wrote and assembled a couple of Darths & Droids comics. And I started work on proofreading/editing that scientific paper that one of the university staff members has given to me. It’s very heavy going, and I’ve completed the first page of 13 that are in the formatted document.

Time to relax a bit this evening…

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    1. It’s not. It happened again last night, and I asked my wife in the morning after she woke up, and she could hear the noise too.

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