Virtual board games night again

Today was another warm and very humid day, with intermittent rain. It seems we’re stuck in this weather pattern, and it’s not particularly pleasant.

I had to make a quick Irregular Webcomic! today, because my buffer had run out and I hadn’t had time this week to make a full new batch. So this is a temporary fix until next week when hopefully i can get a new batch underway on Monday.

Tonight is virtual board games night with my friends, after we skipped last week due to it being New Year’s Eve. One of my friends has implemented a new Discord bot game, based on a game he plays with his family, in which you have to make words based on letters spotted on car number plates. We played it a few times and I actually managed to win a game, which I was pleased with.

We’re continuing now, as I type… It’s been fun and promises to be moreso as we continue into the evening.

New content today:

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