Last ethics of the year

Today I taught my final two ethics classes for the year. I’m taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period and will return to teaching the kids in the first week of January.

To celebrate, I went out for lunch, trying a new cafe in the area that I haven’t tried before, called Bitter & Twisted. They had a Korean chicken burger on the menu which looked tempting, so I got that.

Korean chicken burger

Wow, that’s enormous! I was very full after that. The burger was decent, but the chips were really good.

This afternoon was the Christmas party at the dog park where I take Scully. I took her there before 4pm so we could go for a walk along the waterfront before the party officially started at 4:30. My wife finished work a little early and came on down as well, arriving around 5, so we could meet and greet all the other dog owners and share some of the snacks and things that everyone had brought. It’s a nice gathering, in a nice outdoor setting, with kids and dogs running around.

This evening back at home… I can relax! Whew! Oh, also, it was sunny today! And warm! It almost feels like summer, finally.

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  1. I knew what you meant immediately, but I still like the idea of your abandoning all your ethical principles for the rest of 2021.

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