A month of exercise

I forgot to mention yesterday, but I completed a November of (almost) no days without exercise. I actually only started on 2 November, because that was when I saw the concept of a “no zero month”, so it was too late to start exercising on the 1st. But I’ve been doing a run of at least 2.5 km and sets of push-ups and sit-ups – and I managed to go the entire (rest of the) month without skipping a single day. I did have one day when I didn’t run because of the torrential rain all day, but I did the push-ups and sit-ups. And there were two days when I missed those, but did the run.

But the point is I did some exercise every single day, which is a very new thing for me. I’ve never been consistently into exercising, and especially not at this activity level. I’ve had some runs of many months where I’ve done a 1000 metre swim once a week or something like that, but never anything at the level of every day. And having been going for a month now, I feel good about it. I feel fitter, and it’s starting to feel like a habit, rather than something I need to force myself to do every day.

I track my moving distances on Strava. Each month I join the challenge to move at least 100 km. Most months I make it, but sometimes I struggle. But this month with all the extra running, I’ve clocked up 195 km!

Also, this morning I had an appointment with my doctor, just to refill a prescription. He checked my weight, and since my last visit I’ve dropped 6 kilograms. He said last time that I could afford to lose a few kilos, and today he was very happy with the result. And so was I – I wasn’t expecting to have lost that much. I don’t really feel like I have. But wow, this exercise thing really works.

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