Super busy week: Thursday

The early starts are starting to wear on me. The ISO Photography standards meeting this morning from 7am went the full scheduled time, to 10:30. However, I had an unfortunate Internet outage at a critical time near the end – I was in fact in the middle of making some technical comments on someone’s presentation when my Internet connection died. It didn’t come back for about 20 minutes, by which time the entire meeting was over for the day. I quickly emailed the chair and the presenter to explain what happened and give my comments. It was about experiments to work out a method for measuring image flare in cameras caused by light sources outside the camera’s field of view. The experimental data being presented were really interesting.

After that I took Scully for a walk, and then at lunch time I took her to doggie daycare for the afternoon. She hasn’t been in over two weeks, and we like her to go at least every week or two to get some fun playtime and socialisation with other dogs. She really loves going there, and is always keen to run inside. And she comes home exhausted!

This afternoon I did more marking for the university image processing course student assignments. And this evening it was more ethics classes. Thursdays I have my latest class, starting at 9pm. Given my week or early starts, I’m very tired and it was a bit of a struggle getting through it. I’m really more a morning person – I don’t work or concentrate well late in the evening.

Two more early starts to go…

Oh, a photo of storm clouds gathering over Sydney from yesterday:

Storm line

New content today:

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