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I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight after seeing it on a TV show a few weeks ago: Cauliflower rice bowls with crispy chilli eggs. It looked delicious. I downloaded the recipe and read through it… and I wondered where the rice was. “Cauliflower rice” – that means rice with some cauliflower in it, right?

I expressed my puzzlement to some friends online, and they laughed at me for not knowing that “cauliflower rice” is just shredded cauliflower, designed to resemble rice. Huh. I have never come across this ever before. Who comes up with this stuff, and why did they include “rice” in the name to fool people?

Anyway, I cooked it tonight, and it turned out really nice! I am tempted to replace half the cauliflower with actual rice, though!

Cauliflower rice with crispy chilli egg

In other news, it was very rainy today.

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3 thoughts on “About cauliflower rice”

  1. Rice is made of sugar. Lots of people are trying to cut down on carbohydrates.

    Cauliflower is low in calories and high in phytonutrients. Wouldn’t it be cool to replace one with the other?

    Well, yes, except the taste and texture are totally different. Still, maybe we can fool the eye. That’s good enough, right?

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