Attempted eggplant tarts

Today was Labour Day Monday, a public holiday. Not that it was much different to any other day in COVID lockdown.

I went on another exploratory walk with my wife and Scully, to new places we hadn’t been before within our 5 km radius from home. I have some photos, but it’s too late now to prepare them, since we’ve spent this evening watching The Adventures of Tintin on Netflix. I’m a big Tintin fan – of the books – but I’ve never seen this movie until tonight. I got bad vibes from all the publicity and avoided it until now. It’s a bit uncanny valley in the character animation, and it plays very fast and loose with the story material from the books, but it’s not as terrible as I feared, and there were a lot of nice references to the greater Tintin canon sprinkled throughout, which someone like me could pick up on. I feel like it would have been nice if they played the canonical story straighter and didn’t include so many gratuitous action sequences, but it was okay.

For dinner tonight I planned to make eggplant and haloumi tarts. I grilled the eggplant first to make it soft…

Burnt eggplant

… but I forgot about it while doing something else, and came back too late to find this. So yeah, I completely ruined dinner. I was so put out that I ended up just making fried eggs on toast for dinner instead.

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One thought on “Attempted eggplant tarts”

  1. Oh man, I’ve been there. Eggplant is one of the least appetizing things when burned… toast, meat, rice, many other things you can still stomach, but somehow eggplant ends up just awful.

    Unfortunately, I’m one of those insane people that feels awful throwing food out even if it’s completely and utterly ruined. So I would have ended up eating #3 and #4 in the top row, #2 in the second row, and #1, #3, #4, and #6 in the bottom row, then tried a few bites of the others and given up. It’s my job to eat the ruined food in our house because nobody else will 🙂

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