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I spent much of today on ethics stuff – teaching the final class of the superheroes subject this morning, then writing a lesson plan for the new week’s topic starting on Wednesday, which is on hunting animals.

This evening was the next lecture in the image processing course that I’m tutoring. The subject material is done and this was the presentation of the assignments and kicking off the students working on their assessment tasks. The students are divided into teams of 5-6 students, and each team needs to decide on an image processing project to work on over the next few weeks. They have three tasks:

  1. Write a specification for their project, describing the image processing task they want to perform, the dataset they are going to use, what image processing methods they plan to use, and how they are going to assess the success of their task.
  2. Write and document software to perform the specified task, then analyse the performance.
  3. Present a video report showing what they did and describing the performance.

After explaining the tasks, the lecturer sent everyone to Microsoft Teams to work on the ideas for their projects. I bounced around several of the teams, answering questions and providing advice on the various ideas they had for something to work on. They’ve settled on an interesting range of projects, including car number plate detection and reading, detection of COVID face masks, detection and differentiation of lung lesions in x-rays caused by either cancer or COVID, recognising and decoding sign language from video of hands, tracking cars in traffic videos, and classifying objects and landforms on the ground from aerial photos. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks helping the students do these things, and then seeing the results they get!

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