The comics grind, part 2

First job this morning was to go pick up my grocery order. Because I don’t have the car this week, I restricted the order to things we absolutely needed for the next week, which helped cut down the size. I walked up to the supermarket and walked back home carrying three bags full of food. It wasn’t too bad – I’ve carried heavier loads home from there before, but not for some time.

At home, I got stuck into photographing the next batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips, which I’d finished writing yesterday. There were some interruptions, which meant I didn’t finish until after midday.

I went for a walk with my wife and Scully on her lunch break. We went down to a park by the water in a location we’ve rarely been to, which was really nice.

Tonight is inter-fortnightly virtual games night. Before that we walked up to the fish & chip shop to get some take-away dinner. With restaurants all closed except for take-aways, it takes a bit of effort to have a dinner that we don’t have to cook ourselves.

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