Cold and rainy – very cold

It’s winter here in Sydney. Australia operates on the meteorological definition of the seasons, which goes by calendar months, so winter began on 1 June, and lasts until the end of August.

And it was cold today. Really cold. Bands of chilling rain swept across the city all day, and the temperature rose to a maximum of only 13.4°C. This made it the coldest day in Sydney in five years. Standard disclaimers – other places get a lot colder, etc, etc. Sydney has a warm climate, and we’re really not used to temperatures this cold.

My wife brought Scully home from her office at lunchtime and left her here with me for the afternoon, since she didn’t want to deal wth a wet dog in the office. Which meant I had to deal with her… At one point she wanted to go outside. I put on her doggie raincoat, rugged myself up with a jumper and a jacket, grabbed an umbrella, and we headed out. Via the garage as we always do when it’s just a short toilet expedition.

Scully spent half an hour wandering around the garage, eventually getting to the door where we could see the rain outside. She decided not to head out there after all, and eventually we just returned upstairs. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I spent time today—when not freezing and trying to warm up—writing my lesson for tomorrow’s online ethics class. It’s on “getting even”. Both in terms of good deeds and ill. Should make for a fun lesson! I also had some more preliminary work to do for the ISO Photography Standards meeting that begins tomorrow night. I’ll be missing my regular fortnightly board games night with my friends to attend this meeting via Zoom, as the opening session runs from 8pm to 9:30.

Oh, and it looks like the new hard drive I got for backups is working nicely, and regular backups of my computer have resumed properly.

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