Mushroom pie experiment

This morning I spent putting together my lesson for tomorrow’s online ethics class. The topic is “Trusting experts”, and raises various questions about why we trust experts and whether we should. It should be an interesting lesson tomorrow!

This evening my wife went out to an aerobic dance class, for the first time in ages – I think since we got Scully almost 3 years ago. So I was looking after Scully alone, while also cooking dinner. I had to turn off the stove in the middle of sautéing some mushrooms to take her outside for a toilet, but apart from that it was fine.

I was making a mushroom pie, the first time I’ve tried one of those. I was inspired by a mushroom and feta pie that my wife had had for lunch last week when she’d taken the week off work. I found a couple of recipes just to check what sort of seasonings or other stuff to put into it, and decided on onions and black pepper, but apart form that I just improvised the while thing myself. I used pre-made pastry that we had in the freezer, blind baked a base, filled it with sautéd mushrooms and onion, topped it with crumbled feta, and then a pastry lid.

It turned out pretty good, although the feta I got was the hard sort and didn’t melt at all as I’d hoped. Next time I’ll try some soft creamy feta and perhaps even mix it through the mushrooms to make a creamy sauce before putting it into the pie base. I didn’t take a photo to show you – we ate it so quickly since we were hungry due to eating late after my wife’s dance class.

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