Special fancy lunch day

The special occasion mentioned yesterday is that today is my wife’s birthday. She took the day off work and we had lunch at a fancy restaurant booked. The restaurant was in Woolloomooloo, which is a walkable distance from the centre of the city, but we needed to get over there first. Since Scully can’t go on trains, we went down to the nearest ferry wharf (since dogs are allowed on ferries).

Scully at Greenwich Pt Wharf

The ferry took us across the harbour towards the city.

Heading into the city

The ferry terminal is in Circular Quay, between the Bridge and the Opera House (around to the right behind the Bridge in this next photo).

Approaching Circular Quay

From the ferry terminal we walked past the State Library of New South Wales.

State Library of NSW

Into The Domain, a large park. Scully ran around on the grass a bit.

Scully in The Domain

We walked past the Art Gallery of New South Wales and across into Woolloomooloo. This was the view form our restaurant table:

View from Otto

The food was amazing. This is my appetiser, pepper crusted hiramasa kingfish with almonds, capers, cavalo nero, and parmesan (I think) tuile.

Hiramasa kingfish

And my main dish, black and white cappellacci pasta filled with spanner crab and mascarpone, in a sweet corn sauce.

Pasta filled with crab and mascarpone

This restaurant is the sort of place where people arrive in large boats, moor on the wharf adjacent, and hop out to have lunch – which is exactly what we saw one group do. It’s a mix of people with a lot of money, and people like us who come here maybe once every 3 or 4 years for a special occasion. Here’s Scully mixing with the rich and influential:

Scully at Otto

They gave us a surprise complimentary dessert for my wife’s birthday – a chocolate mousse filled with stewed apple. And I ordered the regular chocolate mousse from the menu:

Chocolate mousse

Seriously, look at that. It comes with olive oil ice cream, chocolate nut cookie crumble, and that super thin crispy tuile on top. It was absolutely delicious too (as was all the food).

After this extravagant lunch, we walked back to the ferry terminal and caught the ferry home. Scully was worn out from the excitement of the day!

Scully is dead tired

It was a really pleasant way to spend a day. And we’re so full of good food that we’ve just had a light snack for dinner.

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