Improving home lighting

For a long time I’ve been searching for another Philips SceneSwitch light bulb, the sort with three different brightness and colour temperature settings that you can control simply by flicking the normal light switch. We have them in the living room, dining area, and hallway, and they’re incredibly good. I wanted another for the bedroom, but have been unable to find one in stock anywhere. It turns out they’ve stopped making them.

I finally got fed up enough to decide to get a Philips Hue bulb, for it’s brightness and colour changing properties. It’s more expensive than the SceneSwitch, but also more configurable. So today I walked up to the hardware store and bought one. I’ve put it into the living room, where we’re most likely to desire different coloured lighting, and moved a SceneSwitch to the bedroom. I’ve been playing with it using the Bluetooth app on my phone, and it’s really cool.

And now all my friends have been asking about it and my opinions on it. One mentioned he was interested in setting up some bias lighting and maybe a Hue bulb would be useful. I did a bit of searching and discovered that Philips also makes light strips as part fo the Hue range! So now my friend is seriously considering getting one of those. I also told my wife, and she was instantly keen on getting one, saying she loves coloured lights and it’d feel like Christmas all year round!

I wonder what I’ve got myself in for now…

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