More voting ethics

This morning was the second lesson on the voting topic in my Ethics class. We discussed the idea of a public plebiscite to decide if fossil fuels should be banned to address climate change. The questions asked the children to think about how people might vote if they were an owner of a coal mining company, or if they had family members who worked in a coal mine and could lose their jobs, or if they were concerned about the environment. The idea was to get them thinking from different people’s points of view, to understand why someone might vote either yes or no. And then we talked about whether a decision like this should be made by a public vote, or if it should be made by government officials without a public vote.

It was an interesting discussion. Also, I think I have almost all the kids’ names learnt. We’ll see in a couple of weeks when I have them next. I’ll miss next week’s class because of my planned holiday trip.

I worked more on getting comics buffered for the week away, and took Scully to the park for a bit of ball chasing and running around.

For dinner I made quiche with potato and cauliflower in the filling. We’re moving into the pre-vacation phase of using up all the vegetables and other perishable food, which always results in some interesting hodge-podge dinners.

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