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Tomorrow is my next market stall – back to the smaller suburban market in Lindfield this week. Last week at Kirribilli, although I was in the road tunnel and sheltered from any rain (if there’d been any), I realised I was vulnerable to wind blowing through the tunnel. It got a bit breezy, and at one point it blew some of my greeting cards over, off the stand, and onto the ground.

I realised I need a way to make my display stands more robust to wind. So today I went with my wife (and Scully) on a trek to a large sewing and handicrafts store. She actually wanted to go to buy a sewing machine and some material, for a project she wants to work on. But I needed to go to get some elastic cord, which I plan to string across the front of the display stand to form a bit of a barrier to hold the cards in place. I’ve also been wanting to get some sturdy cloth ribbon to use to replace a drawstring on some old shorts that I just wear around the house, but whose drawstring has frayed and broken.

So it was a good confluence of needs that saw us spend an hour or so picking up various sewing supplies. That store is actually really amazing for arts and crafts stuff. Besides strictly sewing supplies, they also have large sections of materials for other crafts.

Apart from that expedition I didn’t do much today. I was up late last night playing games with friends online, and I want to rest a bit before the market tomorrow.

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