What did I even do today?

It’s Sunday… I slept in a little bit, took Scully out, um… went for a long walk with my wife and Scully…

I wrote a lot of annotations for the next batch of Irregular Webcomic! strips. Played three games of Codenames Duet with my wife (we lost all three – the campaign challenges are getting harder). Made quiche for dinner.

And here we are.

Oh… my mail client (Thunderbird) has for some reason been unable to connect to my mail server all day. My ISP reports that the mail server is operational. But Thunderbird just goes into a “contacting mail server” wait mode, and never leaves it. I’m accessing mail through a web interface, but it’s annoying.

New content today:

3 thoughts on “What did I even do today?”

  1. I don’t know your particular situations, but I’ve received several emails lately about Yahoo’s security updating, and needing to jump a few hoops to keep it working (two addresses, and the hoops didn’t work.) I assume Gmail did too, because they stopped working a day or two later (2 other emails). The only one that still works is on Mail.com, which hasn’t apparently updated their security to avoid Thunderbird users.

    Coincidentally, I’d like to know more about Evolution?

  2. Thunderbird sometimes loses the network for me too. Everything else is fine, but thunderbird times out on everything. Sometimes closing thunderbird, killing all ghost processes in task manager, and then restarting thunderbird sorts it. Other times it needs a complete restart of the machine.

    Good luck!


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