Fate and the office

My Ethics class this morning was the second half of the topic on Fate. It’s really getting the kids to think about taking responsibility for their actions, rather than blaming Fate. But one of the boys was adamant in his belief that people’s fates are predetermined and there’s nothing you can do to change them.

One of the stories was about a kid who has a test tomorrow, and reasons that he’s fated to either pass or fail the test, so there’s no point studying and he may as well watch TV rather than study. After reading this story, and asking the kids their thoughts about it, they were all agreed that it’s silly to watch TV and not study for the test – even the boy who thought that our fates definitely are predetermined. I asked him why he would study if his test result is predetermined, and he said because he’s fated to study for the test! Which is kind of okay – if he’s not letting his belief in fate actually make decisions for him and he doesn’t just take the lazy road at every opportunity. But it was a little odd.

I took a long walking route home, ending up covering nearly 10 km by the time I got home just before lunch. The weather was a bit nicer today, though still on the chilly side. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather we’re expected to get over the next few days.

This afternoon I worked on some comics, and I also helped my wife return her office chair to the office. She’d been using it at home while she was working here due to COVID-19, but now she’s returned to the office since the situation is more or less under control around here. The office chair is really heavy – much heavier than it looks. I guess much of it must be made of metal rather than plastic. I’m very glad to have it out of the house, as we had to make room for it at the dining table by moving one of the dining chairs, and it was sort of blocking part of the living room. (We don’t live in a big house.)

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  1. smart kid – fatalistic – now’s a good time to introduce chaos theory and the randomenss of the universe into the mix…

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