Long weekend Monday

It always feels like a Sunday again when Monday is a public holiday. Sleep in a bit, got out for a bit, get nothing done.

I recently got a new expansion set for the board game Carcassonne, The Tower, and my wife and I wanted to try it out. We played a game yesterday, and I offered her a bit of tactical advice with the new tiles and rules, and she beat me 102 points to 99.

Today I didn’t help her so much, and she beat me 138-98! Here’s the game in progress:

Carcassonne + The Tower

And at the end, after we’d removed all our final scoring pieces:

Carcassonne + The Tower

Next time we play I’m not offering her any assistance at all!!

New content today:

3 thoughts on “Long weekend Monday”

  1. Based on your two data points, it seems like you should give her *more* assistance if you want to win….

      1. I was going to say that, too!

        Dunno if it makes you feel better, David, but while you have been working one-handed, I’ve been walking basically one-footed due to an ankle injury. Annoying.

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