Chilli and potatoes

My chilli plant has been growing really well, and had heaps of chillis on it. Way more than I could use for cooking. So today I decided to pick all the extras and make some home made chilli sauce. A friend of mine got me on to this, since he also has a chilli plant that produces way more than he can use.

Collecting chillis

My wife picked the chillis for me. I was only going to grab the ripe red ones, but my friend showed me a photo of his latest batch and he included a lot of the unripe green ones too, so I did likewise.

Chopping chillis

I chopped them up carefully, trying not to touch them with my fingers.

Chillis with salt and garlic

Put them into a jar with some salt and sliced garlic.

Chillis ready to ferment

And topped it up with water. The jar gets sealed and stored in a dark place at room temperature for two weeks. The idea is that the naturally occurring lactobacillus that is everywhere ferments it, while the salt inhibits any undesirable bacterial/fungal growth. After two weeks, the whole lot gets blended and vinegar added. And that’s pretty much it, as I understand it, although you can add other flavours as well for variety. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Besides this, I spent some time this afternoon making potato salad, to have with dinner. Similar to last time I made it, but this time I remembered to add chopped capers! I completely forgot about those last time.

Work-wise, I intended to start writing a new batch of Irregular Webcomic! today… but ended up so distracted and busy that I didn’t even manage to write a single comic. Yeesh! I better get stuck into it tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting dialectal difference. Living closer to the home of peppers (Mesoamerica), we USAians use “chili” (with one “l”) for a food, not a plant. The plant might be called “chili peppers,” but we’re more likely in 2020 to say “jalapeƱo” or “habanero” or “Scotch bonnet” peppers.

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