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This morning was my weekly Ethics class, teaching Year 6 children at a nearby school. With the weather better than last week, I walked to the school, taking the chance to be out in the fresh air. This is only my third week with this new class, and I have 21 names to try to remember. I wondered if any might be away, with parents perhaps starting to worry about coronavirus and keeping them out of school, but I actually had more kids than the previous two classes, with only 1 away today.

Once they’d arrived after the morning bell, I tried to remember as many names as I could as I handed out nametag stickers again. I managed to remember most of them, but still have a few to go. Hopefully by next week I’ll have them all down.

We discussed fairness in society today, with several examples of potential new school rules regarding who would and would not be allowed to do various activities. We had a very good discussion and most of the kids were participating well, but this year I have a couple of boys who think it’s funny to be disruptive, and they’re playing off each other, so it’s much worse than just one troublemaker. I’ve been pretty strict with them so they get the message that I’m not to be messed with. Hopefully it will get better as the year goes on.

Back home, all I did the rest of the day was work on assembling Irregular Webcomic strips from the photos I took on Monday. I got most of them done, but still have a few to finish off. And that was the day!

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4 thoughts on “Ethics and comics”

  1. The title of this entry would be a panel at a small, college based convention.

    I love when people say, “I spent hours doing something creative that requires talent and skill. I wish I had accomplished more.”

    1. Haha, yes… it’s a bit weird that I spend so long making comics. It’s amazing just how much work it takes, simply in terms of elapsed time. I do feel accomplished at the end, but obviously it’s not making me the big bucks. And I feel like I should get out and enjoy the fresh air, and get a bit more exercise, rather than slaving over a hot keyboard.

  2. It’s not obvious to me at all that you aren’t making the big bucks … because I don’t have access to your finances (nor am I requesting that!). Some webcomics people (Jeph Jacques) are in fact making quite a lot of money, after all. I’m sorry to hear you are not in that club.

    1. Ah well… no, I’m definitely not making much from comics! Certainly not enough to live on, which is why I’m pursuing photography as a means of making a living.

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