Shop is launched!

Well today is a big day. I finished configuring my photo site shop and linked it up, so now it’s fully publicly visible.

In other news, I went on another expedition to the hardware store to get a couple of small wooden crates to use as display boxes for the matted photo prints I’ve been working on. They’re a perfect size, and I got some black acrylic paint to make them black to match the colour scheme of the rest of the market stall.

For lunch I had the prettiest bowl of food I’ve eaten for some time:

Açai colour

And the rest of the afternoon I spent preparing for an ISO Photography Standards meeting, which begins tomorrow. It was scheduled for Yokohama, but I wasn’t applying on attending in person, choosing to participate by web conference instead. But with the coronavirus outbreak, the meeting has been converted to a full virtual meeting, with many of the participants attending only virtually. This followed the cancellation of the annual CP+ Camera Show, the largest camera show in Japan, which is what the standards meeting was scheduled around – normally attendees go to the camera show as well. Our next meeting is scheduled for New York City in June, but it may end up being affected by coronavirus as well, depending how the situation develops over the next few months.

So anyway, I’ll be busy with photography standards work for the next three days, and won’t have time for much else.

New content today:

2 thoughts on “Shop is launched!”

  1. “Photo site shop” reads a lot like “PhotoShop site.” No, that isn’t important.

    June in NYC and you’re afraid the coronavirus outbreak will interfere? Uh oh. I have a trip to New Zealand planned for July, and I’m sure hoping travel restrictions will be over by then. (For one thing, my airline tickets are already prepaid at US$1600.)

    1. I was actually going to write “photo shop site” and realised that would be even more confusing.

      I’m not particularly concerned that coronavirus will be an issue for travel as far ahead as June, but there’s always the chance. I hope it does get under control and you make it to NZ!

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