First day of spring

It’s officially spring and the weather was very spring-like, with warm sunshine drying up the rain of the past few days. I spent much of the day out with my wife and Scully, enjoying the fresh air. We went to two different parks to let Scully run around and chase tennis balls, and stopped off for lunch at a bakery where we hadn’t been before. It was pretty good! I wrote up a review for my food blog: Snot Block & Roll.

That was about it, really, apart from a bit of housecleaning and a relaxing evening watching episodes of Northern Exposure. Wife and I decided to start rewatching the series form Episode 1 again. Tomorrow I’m planning to photograph the latest batch of comic scripts that I’ve been working on the past few days, so that’s a big day of creative work ahead.

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2 thoughts on “First day of spring”

  1. technically the seasons change on the 21st of september, december, march and june – although here it’s mostly summer-summer-summer-brief rainy season that shall not be called winter…
    here it won’t be considered autumn for another month – officially – and the weather is still too hot to venture outside.

    1. In Australia the seasons are considered to start at the first of the calendar month. Other countries have different conventions.

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